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At Meadowbrook Technology-Assisted Counseling (TAC), we believe one does not have to be sick to become better. Each person has the ability to reach their goals in life, in relationships, and in their careers.  Sometimes, an individual needs help in setting a course, and this is where the counselors at Meadowbrook can help. 

In counseling, one of the most important aspects is the relationship between the client and the therapist. Trust in one another is essential in creating change. We work hard to create an open atmosphere where difficulties may be expressed and therapeutic work may happen.  We treat each person with respect and compassion.   

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Enhancing Communication With Your Teen

A teenager’s life makes a dramatic shift between their 12th and 13th birthdays. Socially, they are no longer considered children and symbolically, it is their first step into the daunting adult world. But next to the physical changes that ravage through their developing bodies, there is an even more important change — psychological.

At this age, the separation-identity crisis begins. One minute your child wants to talk and confide in you, the next minute they are literally shoving you out of the bedroom and demanding their privacy, leaving parents in a quandary to find the balance between giving space and imposing influence. Unfortunately, most parents fade to the outer fringes of the child’s life — a detrimental mistake.

During a teenager’s development, it appears as if the peer group holds more influence than the parents, Read More

Helping Families Thrive

Families are faced with so many challenges today.

Whether it is relationship problems, work or school stress, major life changes, losses, addictions, anger issues, communication problems or unhealthy patterns, family therapy can help.  Family therapy provides a safe place for family members to work through problems, improve relationships, and open up lines of communication. One of the most common complaints of family members is that they do not feel heard or understood by other family members.  A family therapist can help families improve their communication so that they can understand, accept, and respect one another’s perspective.  They can start to feel safe in sharing their thoughts and feelings.  In family therapy, families can work through anger and bitterness and begin to release it. They can draw closer and experience greater respect, love, and appreciation for one another.

Don’t wait until things gets worse.  There is help today.  Family therapy provides the kind of support, direction, and help that can make the difference in your family’s relationships and overall outlook.  You do not have to go through life’s struggles, frustrations, and losses alone.  We are here to help.  Begin to move forward by contacting a family therapist today at 512.917.3220


Therapy Services

Counseling Psychotherapy for Families, Children and Adults

  • Are you feeling depressed, isolated, stressed, anxious, low self-esteem or suicidal?
  • Are you having relationship problems, or affected by domestic violence, rape or childhood abuse?
  • Are you having problems at work?

Do you need someone to talk to?

We often want someone to listen without judging or taking over and telling us what to do. Some of us worry that talking to friends or family will burden them with our worries or problems. Therefore we need time and freedom to explore our problems and find our own solutions, work out what we need to do, or where we need to go next.

Talking problems and anxieties through with a trained, qualified and experienced person can usually help to get clarification and resolution.