Technology-Assisted Counseling With Flexibility

Are you looking for the flexibility of meeting remotely through video teleconference or phone sessions? We offer Technology-Assisted Counseling (TAC) to anyone residing within the states of Texas. We have found that TAC sessions provide tremendous flexibility for those who are unable to have in-person sessions due to a remote location, childcare requirements, inability to drive, inclement weather, or preference.

Advantages of TAC:

• Access to quality care despite location or mobility restrictions
• Ability to work with a therapist who offers the expertise and modalities you want even if you’re not close by
• Live in a small town where everyone knows you or a remote area with few therapists? TAC solves those problems

Disadvantages of TAC:

• Technology disruptions can occur, though we use high-quality services to minimize issues
• While we offer HIPAA compliant technology to safeguard your privacy in the digital realm, it is up to you to ensure that you are in a private place when you are engaging in a TAC session.
• TAC is not right for everyone, and that includes those that pose an immediate risk to themselves or others. An initial assessment will be done to make sure that TAC is right for you.

How Does TAC Work?

Get the help you need at a location that is convenient to you by attending your therapy sessions through an easy-to-use HIPAA-compliant video conference service.

Why do we only offer TAC in Texas?

TAC requires the therapist to be fully licensed in the state in which the therapy is delivered.